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Bringing an ethical approach to
the protection dog industry

California K9 Security and Companion Dogs leverages their unique process to customize a search, purchase, and personalized training program for family security and executive protection dogs that exactly fits your needs using primarily elite imported dogs trained by the world renowned training professionals

Our mission

"To provide your family with another layer of security by matching the highest quality of carefully chosen imported German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Malinois dogs, who then are meticulously trained by the world’s top canine professionals in obedience, security protection and most importantly, family lifestyle training, so they blend into your home."

Transforming a flawed industry

We approach the placement of our dogs with a completely different perspective compared to other security dog companies. They commonly focus on their experience training K9 police dogs and competition animals, and primarily rely on that for understanding what you need in the way of training and placement of family protection dogs in a home environment. We take a completely different approach!

Family Protection Dogs

Agile breeds and tested stability

We only import, train and sell stable working dogs with solid nerves. Absolutely  no flighty dogs that will surprise you or us!

This enables them to serve as both a security deterrent and family pet, safe with children, and in social situations and with other pets. 

We have a Gold Star network of trusted contacts and business partners in Europe that we use to find you the perfect dog, then we train your dog to your specifications and personal family needs.

California Elite's core values


Through hard work and determination, we help you acquire the level of safety you deserve. We serve our American families with the utmost prestige. By learning your personal vulnerability concerns and individual needs, we are able to provide you with the perfect companion.


Our dogs bring the perfect balance of safety and warmth. We understand the complexity behind owning such a powerful animal. Therefore, we take the time to build even-tempered dogs that are grounded and healthy.


Our reputation is deeply rooted in our dedication to the community. We handle our business and relationships with intent, grace and morals. Both our training and placement process is ethically precise.


We take pride in our passion and inspire others to feel confident in their right to be protected. Whether it be a newlywed couple, an executive, a driven woman, or a large family - we encourage the liberty to pursue safety.

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