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Christopher Campbell

CaliforniaEliteDogs, police, security and protection dogs

Director of Training and Customer Experience

Having grown up in a law enforcement family in Boston, Massachusetts, my experience with working dogs began at a very young age. I grew up around police dogs, seeing what kind of obedience they had and being amazed that they were such great members of the family – even though they went out to do a job every day on the streets. My foundation with working dogs expanded as I became a young adult. While obtaining a college degree in Psychology as a Division One lacrosse player, I decided to go to the local Police Dog kennels to volunteer, which simultaneously expanded my range of knowledge within this field while serving a dual purpose of achieving my degree. It was here that I was introduced to Schutzhund (IGP).

I got my first dog, a female Rottweiler named Jayde. I trained her for Schutzhund until I got a more capable German Shepherd candidate (my goal was to make a World Team). Jayde later went on to be trained as a home security dog for my parents. Since then, she has lived the last 11 years being their companion and home security system in Massachusetts.

In 2011, I moved out to California to start a dog kennel and dog sport business. My son, Jackson is eight years old now and has been raised around my personal dogs, Nikki, Sirkus, and the many puppies that have come from either my breeding program or as candidates for my next World Team dog. While I owned my kennel and sport dog business, I also contracted to work with many different Police Canine units. Running new dog Patrol schools became my passion. I ran my kennel and police dog training for over five years. I then decided to go back to school and pursue a career as a Paramedic-Fire Fighter.

I currently live with my son and our dogs. We have three German shepherds. Nikki, a retired IGP 3 breeding female, has had four litters of puppies and now lives in the house as our home protector. Neo our newest, is about 10 months old, and Sirkus, my competition dog.

Sirkus and I have traveled around the world competing and training. Sirkus and I have been to 10+ national events together, placing top ten in all but two of those trials. We have been to two USCA/GSDCA World Qualifier trials. We went to Italy in 2018 as part of the USA World Team at the FCI Worlds, where the team finished Third in the world. Sirkus is the 2019 USCA National Champion and 2020 USCA Northwestern Regional Champion.

All three have a great temperament and are part of our family – they play with my son and protect our home.

CaliforniaEliteDogs, police, security and protection dogs

My enjoyment of the working dog stemmed from seeing the efficiency and reliability of the Police Canine. After years of watching my family's joy around these animals it has been confirmed that having a working dog who is discerning, capable, and equally as gently and compassionate is priceless. My family feels secure at all times knowing our dogs are there. They always have a reliable source of friendship and protection laying by their feet. I feel secure when I leave home because our dogs are well trained and capable. They are the security blanket and best friends in our house, and we will never live without these animals by our side.

CaliforniaEliteDogs, police, security and protection dogs
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