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a California Elite Family Security trained Rottweiler

Our Dogs

All California Elite dogs are hand selected and trained by our Master Trainer in Wardenburg, Germany. A personalized training plan is created after an in-depth meeting with each client, discussing all their needs, wants and special requirements for their new California Elite Family Security and Protection Dog.  What you see in the videos below are some of our client dogs going through our Elite European Training program.  Each family and their situation is unique, so the videos are of training scenarios designed specifically for each client.

This is just a small sample, and we are happy to provide additional sample videos upon request. You may notice, our website does not focus on the topic of our dogs biting in security and protection work. While this is an extremely important component of each dogs’ training, we want to emphasize and ensure enough attention and focus is paid to those skills/traits that will be front and center 99% of the time.

We hope that throughout our site, our message has been communicated/conveyed to potential clients how much time and energy we put into this phase of training, and you too will now understand the California Elite Family  Security and Protection Dogs difference! That said, protection and bite work is important, and we have included some video links to our dogs in training. It is the combination of all these skills and traits that will best ensure the safety and security of your family.

Protection dogs.jpg

Companionship, Loyalty, Obedience, Protection

Training in Action

Our results speak to the quality and time spent in a training program that goes above and beyond other companies we see in this space. (see our 3 Step System for complete details). To accomplish this, we train our dogs in a variety of environments and situations to mirror everywhere you would go.  We also reinforce this training at your home and with you in a variety of situations so you will understand how to handle your new dog.  This will be in week 2 of our “Train and Maintain” program.  Our Director of Training will set up any situation you would like and be with you every step of the way showing you how to handle and respond to many situations you will encounter in your daily regime.  IN REAL TIME! 


Our dogs are ready to defend you and your family from real threats and we also will expose you to simulated situations AT YOUR HOME and agreed upon locations.  Some of these videos will not look like training, but trust us, they are.  From simple bonding and connecting with a new dog to gain its trust and begin formal training, to socialization with children, other pets; and too many others to list here.  If you can imagine it, we will train it!  Your well-behaved Security and Companion Dog will be ready to defend you and your family from real threats. We hope the need never arises, but unfortunately, the world is changing, and we need to be prepared.

Our own Master Trainer, Markus Maaser, selected as one of 4 Helpers for the new multi breed IGP CACIT Championship - for 2023 in Braunsbedra, Germany. Over 60 dogs, multiple breeds including German Shepherds, Malinois, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Dutch Shepherds, just to name a few!!  Great Job - Markus!!!! 

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