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Step 1 - Getting to know you

California K9 Security and Companion Dogs leverages their unique process to customize a search, purchase, and personalized training program for family security and executive protection dogs that exactly fits your needs using primarily elite imported dogs trained by the world renowned training professionals
  • In depth survey. We want to understand what led you to investigate California Elite Family Protection Dogs.  We want to understand your perception and knowledge of these dogs. The first session will be live either in person or via Zoom, Skype, Webex. We prefer the first one or two calls to be video or in person.

  • This is a screening process that helps all of us get on the same page. We want to determine if we can realistically meet your expectations and if one of our animals would be a good fit. Your environment is unique, and our dogs are special – everything must fit, or we will not proceed. We have developed a detailed survey to help us determine the type of dog and type of training needed.

  • Some of the questions may surprise you, for example: how do you and your family handle arguments, are there any physical challenges in the home, do you have a preference for the language used for dog commands?

  • We have to understand what type and level of dog fits your requirements. We have a simple approach to look at the various traits that must be considered and we’ll involve you in decisions regarding the various dog attributes possible; for example, degree of drives, and power as they apply to your security requirement/needs.

  • We will be open and transparent about what is possible at each step in our process.

  • We do not over complicate things with fancy titles. 

  • We discuss the time commitment you are willing to dedicate to ensure continued well-being and maintenance training for your new dog.

  • Only after we review everything we’ve captured, and consulting with our Master Trainer in Europe can we come up with a SOS (Scope of Search) which we’ll use to model the program and determine the pricing for your dog.

  • The devil is in the details and our goal is to uncover as much up front as possible. 

  • We will follow up on a separate call to review the cost of your new animal and the estimated time it will be in our European “two-tiered training program”.  

  • If you are certain of your decision and would like to hire California Elite Family Security and Protection Dogs to begin the search for your new family and companion dog, we will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit and begin the process. 

  • Once you have agreed and committed to the selected dog, the remainder of the balance will be due before the dog’s formal training begins.

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