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Step 2 - Finding your dog and getting started

California K9 Security and Companion Dogs leverages their unique process to customize a search, purchase, and personalized training program for family security and executive protection dogs that exactly fits your needs using primarily elite imported dogs trained by the world renowned training professionals
  • Our team meets to discuss your requirements and everything you shared with us in our earlier sessions. We will contact you with any further clarifying questions and then start our search.

  • Our Master Trainer works with his extensive network of European breeders to locate and purchase the ideal dog, having ensured it meets our and your requirements.

  • As an exception, we are sometimes able to satisfy an immediate need for a trained animal. These are handled via special request and may have bearing on the Step 3 details, but our focus is always safety + quality, we will NOT cut corners if there is a risk.

  • Health screening – a complete health screen is completed (including hips, elbows, and other identifiable medical issues). All records will be available to your veterinarian and certification organizations.

  • After purchase, your dog is taken to our training facility in Cloppenberg, Germany. After acclimating and bonding with our Master Trainer, the formal protection and security program will begin. The program that was built with you and to your specifications and requirements.

  • Next is the Family Lifestyle Program – while continuing with the security & protection training and reinforcement, your dog now goes to live full time at our off site “Hotel Home” to begin its ‘Family Lifestyle Program’.  This includes the basics like; potty training, not chewing on household items, crate training, indoor manners, informal in-home obedience commands and socialization. This includes any agreed to special requests like aversion training or commands.  

  • One of our differentiators saves you thousands of dollars when compared to board and training programs commonly found in the US. Behavioral re-training, and property destruction can be overwhelming in the first 2 years of a dog’s life. This training is tedious and time consuming but is 100% necessary to successfully fold into your family unit and home.

  • This program is customized to your lifestyle.  We will work with you to fulfill your requirements.

  • During this process small clips of obedience and protection commands used in various commands will be filmed for the client’s future use and reference/education if requested.

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