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What sets us apart

"We understand your requirement for privacy and the sensitive nature that may surround your needs for additional security and protection.  If at any time, an NDA is required or background checks are needed, we understand this concern and will work with you to alleviate any issues you have in these areas. Your privacy and security requirements are highly respected and honored." 

California K9 Security and Companion Dogs leverages their unique process to customize a search, purchase, and personalized training program for family security and executive protection dogs that exactly fits your needs using primarily elite imported dogs trained by the world renowned training professionals
  • Your family’s comfort with and confidence in a California Elite Family Protection dog is our #1 priority.

  • The search for a family security dog and the training program is created and customized for your family to ensure the perfect fit.

  • We Listen First!!!  Sure, our experience is important, but this is about you – we listen to you first.

  • We will respect your wishes with regard to privacy and the sensitive nature of your inquiry. 

  • Our unique approach and commitment to the safety and security of our clients is embraced in our ‘3 Step System’, developed by our team of World class trainers based on years of experience specifically in training working dogs.

  • Our founders’ successful business experience selling and advising clients in the “C Suite” and  executive levels, will ensure the perfect process and customer experience.

  • Our reputation and personal relationships with a global network of breeders, give us access to the best and widest pool of working dogs available.

  • Our program was designed specifically to bridge the gaps and shortcomings that we’ve seen in this industry. Some of the lessons were expensive……work with us and you’ll avoid them.

  • The ‘3 Step System” is uniquely structured to ensure the successful introduction and bonding of you and your family with your dog.

  • From beginning to end => We Are Here, you can depend and  rely on us!!! We will never abandon you!

For bold, uncompromising families, California Elite Family Protection dogs are guardians that deliver comfort and confidence by providing intelligent, clear minded companionship. Unlike other protection dog providers, California Elite Family Protection Dogs takes the time to find the perfect connection so both the family and dog can thrive with ease in all environments.

We believe in what we do and love our dogs for their dedication, natural love and the value they bring. Through meticulous training and placement, we create the perfect balance of affection and certainty. California Elite Family Protection dogs share a sense of ease, loyal protection, and an intimate bond.

We provide support and guidance throughout the entire process to ensure that the dog is precisely trained to reflect the unique needs of the specific home at hand.

With over 100 years in combined expertise, we have built a process that cultivates both nurture and discipline. Our deep understanding of such caliber and pedigree is what guarantees long term success and reliability.  

Locate and Train Executive Protection Dogs
The California Elite Family Protection Dog Value Proposition

California Elite is the most mindful security dog organization in California. From our unique process built to fit the needs of each family, to the quality of agile breeds that we train; California Elite Family Protection Dogs is the superior choice when it comes to integrating a security dog into a new home. By starting with a clear understanding of the type of safety companion a family or individual is looking for, we are able to scout for and teach specific qualities from the beginning. California Elite Family Protection Dogs uses the utmost care and precision while selecting the perfect fit for the right family.

Trained by some of the most reputable K9 professionals in the world, every one of our dogs is handled with pure mastery. The California Elite Family Security and Protection Dog system is designed to ensure that both the family and dog will adapt with ease and certainty. To achieve the highest level of obedience and comfortability, our team continues to educate, train, and serve well after a dog has been officially placed in a new environment.

Raised and socialized by a network of families in Europe, all California Elite Family Protection dogs must meet rigorous requirements and standards prior to being selected to train as a trusted and loyal canine companion. A secondary ongoing training program begins after the dog leaves our Wardenburg training facility in Europe for 21 days in the USA. We offers a comprehensive 21-day hands-on training process customized to meet the unique atmosphere of the home, connect with every family member, and get comfortable in all lifestyle environments.

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