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Markus Maaser

CaliforniaEliteDogs, police, security and protection dogs

Master Trainer and Head of Operations

Markus is a world class master dog trainer from Wardenberg, Germany; whose accomplishments are impressive on the world and local stage including dog sport competitions and training high performing service dogs. He has achieved great success in dog sport and also has reached an elite status, training many dogs for the military police and private citizens around the world.

His training has embraced many dog breeds but focuses on German Shepherd, Rottweilers, Malinois, Boxers, and Dobermans for sports competition and protection training. A few of his accomplishments are winning ADRK, BK, SV, VDH championships to mention a few. He is the director of his own working dog club in Oldenburg Germany.

Unlike all the other children who grew up wanting a Nintendo game for Christmas, all Markus can ever remember is he wanted a dog. He got his first dog, a German Shepherd mix at eight years old and he was hooked on dogs and training. He has been a working helper in protection for several clubs since he was 14 years old. He has mentored under and been groomed by some of the world’s best top dog trainers. If that wasn’t enough, Markus enlisted in the German military and insisted in going to dog training school and becoming a dog handler, against the wishes of his advisors who had different plans for him. During this time, he perfected his training on military and patrol dogs, also teaching soldiers how to handle and train their own dogs.

After 12 years in the military he decided to take his skills, interests, and ambitions, and started training dogs professionally and competing in high level dog sport for competition and training others to compete. He also focused on developing a program that specifically addresses  the training needs and requirements of family protection dogs. He has perfected this balance, and has placed dogs within families all over the globe.

CaliforniaEliteDogs, police, security and protection dogs
CaliforniaEliteDogs, police, security and protection dogs

Markus brings to California Elite a vast network and experience in locating, evaluating, and choosing the right dogs to bring into our specialized family security and companion program.

His off-site “dog hotel” and family residences contribute to the success of our socially stable and obedient family dogs; ready for any family barbecue or vacation all the while having the training and protection and security if required or needed.

His top priority when working with these animals is to make sure they live up to their utmost potential, and are placed with owners who will take care of them, continue their training and add value to their lives. 

From sunrise to sunset Markus lives and breathes dogs. He walks the walk and talks the talk! When he is not training dogs, he is dreaming about training dogs. He is excited to bring all his experience and expertise into the fold of our California Elite Family Security and Protection Dogs  family.

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