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Meet the team

Our passion, love and respect for these magnificent animals and their ability to enrich our own lives is the driving force behind the creation and founding of California Elite Family Security and Protection Dogs.

Claudia Howard CEO Founder California K9E

Founder and Owner

Claudia is a seasoned and highly successful major enterprise account executive working in the high tech sales industry for the past 20 years. Her accounts have included many well known brands (ATT, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Oracle...) while representing companies such as Hewlett-Packard, and a host of startup software companies. 

She brings her experience  working with executives and skills of problem solving, listening, attention to detail, and most importantly professionalism and passion to her new company, California Elite Family Security and Protection Dogs.  

She believes wholeheartedly that outstanding customer experience and customer service are critical when purchasing a product, service, or even a high caliber well-trained service dog. In her opinion, these are what differentiates the cream of the crop, the high performers, and sustainers in the industry.

Markus Maaser

Master Trainer and

Head of Operations

Markus is a world class master dog trainer from Wardenberg, Germany; whose accomplishments are impressive on the world and local stage including dog sport competitions and training high performing service dogs.

He has achieved great success in dog sport and also has reached an elite status, training many dogs for the military police and private citizens around the world.

His training has embraced many dog breeds but focuses on German Shepherd, Rottweilers, Malinois, Boxers, and Dobermans for sports competition and protection training. A few of his accomplishments are winning ADRK, BK, SV, VDH championships to mention a few.

He is the director of his own working dog club in Oldenburg, Germany.

Chris Campbell

Director of Training and Customer Experience

Growing up in a law enforcement family in Boston, Massachusetts, Chris' experience with working dogs began at a very young age. He grew up around police dogs, seeing the kind of obedience they had and being amazed that they were such great members of the family – even though they went out to do a job every day on the streets.

His foundation with working dogs expanded as he became a young adult.

While obtaining a college degree in Psychology as a Division One lacrosse player, Chris decided to go to the local Police Dog kennels to volunteer, which simultaneously expanded his range of knowledge within this field while serving a dual purpose of achieving his degree. It was here that he was introduced to Schutzhund (IGP).

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